Patient Participation Group

If you would like to become more involved with the way in which services are offered, please consider joining our Patient Participation Group. Please complete our Patient Participation Group Registration form and we will get back to you shortly.

What is a Patient Participation Group?

The Patient Participation Group consists of a group of registered patients working with the Coastal Partnership to take active interest in their local surgeries.

The patients and the Coastal Partnership meet at regular intervals to decide ways of making a positive contribution to the services and facilities offered by the practice to the patients.

What is the purpose of our group?

  • To give the Coastal Partnership and patients the opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest in their partnership.
  • To provide the opportunity for the PPG and the Coastal Partnership to work together and to make positive suggestions about their healthcare.
  • To support health education activities within the practice.
  • To encourage and enhance self help projects to meet the needs of fellow patients.
  • To act as a representative group at the joint PPF forum.
  • To engage further with patients from the wider population, for example young people from local schools and parents from the Trinity Children’s Centre.